Barbara McLeod

What is your role within the community?

I Manage Hartlepool Blind and we have almost 500 members on our database. We offer a Home Visiting Service, resource centre with specialist and practical equipment for our entire community and can also refer service users for low-vision assessments. We also offer a range of centre-based activities with a self-referral system where people with sight loss who do not fit the criteria for registration can source information and equipment.

Why did you want to become a Community Health Ambassador?

I became a part of the ambassador group because I wanted to ensure that the voice of my members would be heard and supported. Its important to ensure that we know and understand the challenges that not only us but other charitable organisation face within society. 

What is your favourite quote/saying or motto in life?

My favourite quote is ‘Everything happens for a reason’ - I must use this every single day.